Thursday, February 22, 2024


Peanut has found a new home

Peanut. Connecticut Humane Society
Peanut is a sweet 8 year old Welsh Corgi/Schnauzer mix. Peanut loves everyone she meets and loves to cuddle and give sweet kisses. Peanut arrived at our shelter a little overweight but she’s working hard by eating right and exercising at our play pen. Even though she’s overweight and a little older she loves to run and play with tennis balls. Peanut gets along well with other dogs and kids of any age, if you think this sweet little girl is the one for you come down to the Westport branch of the CT Humane society.

Bowser Found A Forever Home

Bowser. Connecticut Humane Society
What a handsome boy! Bowser is a loving 6 month old APBT mix. This cute guy is looking for a forever home where he can get tons of love and training. He loves people even if he’s a little hesitant at first. Bowser will need to live with someone who understands how much he loves activity, the outdoors and socializing. A human friend who will take him running each day would be ideal to help him burn some of his puppy energy. Bowser has started his basic obedience and is eager to continue his training with his new family. He seems to get along well with other dogs but would prefer a cat free home.  He would prefer to live with kids over the age of 13.  He is learning that “strangers” are just new friends he has not met yet. Bowser is a handsome, happy young boy who is ready for his forever home. If you think Bowser is the one for you come down to the Westport branch of the CT Humane Society.

Mona and Precious Have A Forever Home

Mona and Precious are mother/daughter looking for a forever home. We would love for them to go home together, but they would be ok separated also. The two are very shy so they are looking for a calm, quiet home with adults and older children. They can go home with other cats but a dog free home is preferred. New owners will need to be prepared to keep them in one room for a few weeks while the girls adjust to the smells and sounds of their new home and start to come out of their shells. They are truly a pair for a loving, patient adult. If you think they are the pair for you, come to meet them today at the Westport branch of the Connecticut Humane Society.

Mona and Precious
Mona and Precious. Connecticut Humane Society

Beatrice Has Her One And Only

Beatrice. Connecticut Humane Society

Beatrice, aka B, was abandoned at our door right around Halloween. She has found her trust in humans again and is looking for a new home. B is a petite girl with beautiful eyes. She’s a little shy at first and will need a little time adjusting to a new home. B does not want to share her home with other cats, she wants to be your one and only!


Joe and Stripe Have A Home

Joe and Stripe
Joe and Stripe. Connecticut Humane Society

When we came to the humane society we were not familiar with people. They still scare us a little!  We want a quiet home filled with patient love and care so we can learn to love you back. We must be adopted together because we are a team! Please be prepared to give us time to adjust, also our home should be adult only and we need to be indoor only, we might get scared and run away outside!  Come and meet us at the Westport Branch of the Connecticut Humane Society.

Katie Has a New Home

Katie. Westport Animal Control
Katie is a gorgeous husky of about 3 years of age that recently arrived at Westport Animal Control after being spotted running along Greens Farms Road.  Not only was she abandoned but she was abandoned with an eye that was in danger of rupturing due to glaucoma.  Westport Animal Shelter Advocates (WASA) arranged for Katie to have the surgery she needed with the “bad” eye removed and a prosthetic eye put in its place.  Katie is currently recuperating at Cornell Veterinary Hospital in Stamford.  She has been a sweet and very affectionate dog throughout her painful ordeal. Katie is housebroken and walks well on a leash.  Like most huskies, she is charmingly vocal and just a great girl.  For additional information about Katie, please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (203)557-0361.

Emma Got Her Second Chance

Emma. Westport Animal Control
Emma was found by a Westport resident after being tossed by a car or truck into bushes along Long Lots Road.  She is receiving ongoing care for severe puncture wounds on both sides of her face and along her body as well as abrasions from being tossed.  While she is severely under-weight, we are happy to report that she is steadily gaining weight.  Her limp from a bite to her tendon is lessening each day.  During her rehabilitation at Westport Animal Control, she will need ongoing veterinary care and evaluation.  Short walks and gentle strokes are received with sad, gentle eyes but she is beginning to wag her tail and happily welcomes all the attention she is receiving.  We are determined to give her a second chance.  For more information about Emma or to contribute to her medical care, please email wasa! or call (203)557-0361.

Piccolino Has Found A Home

Piccolino. Westport Animal Control
Piccolino is the newest arrival to Westport Animal Control.  He is a handsome little Shih Tzu of approximately a year and a half old.  He is affectionate and knows his basic commands.  He appears to get along well with other dogs and loves attention.  He’s just an adorable little fellow that will make a wonderful pet.  For additional information about Pic, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Maxwell Has A Home

Maxwell. Westport Animal Control
Okay, don’t laugh – but you can smile.  Max certainly makes the staff and volunteers smile every time we take him for a walk.  He is a little challenged in the pedigree department but the combination (we’re thinking Jack Russell-corgi) is delightful.  Maxwell is friendly, cuddly and playful.  He loves to go on walks and chase a tennis ball.  Max is good with children too.  For additional information about Max, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

King Has a New Home

King. Westport Animal Control
King is a 2-year-old Brussels-Pug mix that needs someone to love him – but you don’t have to live in a castle.  King was surrendered because his former owner “did not have time for him”.  King loves to be held and certainly falls into the category of lap dog.  He is okay with other dogs as long as they aren’t too rough with him.  King is up to date on vaccinations and is neutered.  He is parasite free.  For additional information about King, please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)