Sunday, February 25, 2024


Emma Got Her Second Chance

Emma. Westport Animal Control
Emma was found by a Westport resident after being tossed by a car or truck into bushes along Long Lots Road.  She is receiving ongoing care for severe puncture wounds on both sides of her face and along her body as well as abrasions from being tossed.  While she is severely under-weight, we are happy to report that she is steadily gaining weight.  Her limp from a bite to her tendon is lessening each day.  During her rehabilitation at Westport Animal Control, she will need ongoing veterinary care and evaluation.  Short walks and gentle strokes are received with sad, gentle eyes but she is beginning to wag her tail and happily welcomes all the attention she is receiving.  We are determined to give her a second chance.  For more information about Emma or to contribute to her medical care, please email wasa! or call (203)557-0361.

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