Monday, May 20, 2024


3 thoughts on “Wreckers Defeat Danbury 6-0 in Football Season Opener

  1. i dont live in westport anymore but do we have any pics…what took so long to get a report on the game? Staples football is a vital part of our town we need to report on them right away. This team has the potential to do what the team did last year.

  2. I agree with loyal fan. This is not soccer, cross country or girls volleyball. This is football! Our town loves football. Why is there only a small write up on the game and not a single picture? Last year there were plenty of pictures and now theres none. What happened? Isn’t this suppose to be an online news service?

  3. Thanks for your comments on Staples football coverage.
    WestportNow relies on volunteers to cover scholastic sporting events and unfortunately did not receive any photos of the game and only belated coverage.
    If you have an interest in—and hopefully some experience—in photographing or covering high school sports, please contact

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