Sunday, June 16, 2024


Whats in a Name? In Japan, Westport Means Wireless Internet Access

If you travel to Japan and want wireless Internet access for your laptop or mobile device, theres a Westport waiting for you.

In this case, itҒs Westport Communications Inc. The Tokyo-based company sells wireless Internet data cards, bundled with network and ISP service, with English sales and support.

Why Westport? And is there a Westport, Connecticut connection? Perhaps a WestportNow reader can provide the answer.

Update (8/25/03): Katie McMahon of Westport Communications Inc. supplies the answer:

“It’s named after Westport Co. Mayo, Ireland.  That is from where my Irish granny emmigrated at age 18. She went alone to America to make a better life for herself, and due to her courage, my life was full of amazing opportunities. She lived to be 98.

“Anyway, I wanted to name the company in her honor and, well, the ‘west’ and ‘port’ also rang nicely with the market we target & computer/tech. Westport Connecticut, however, is most people’s guess.”

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