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WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 4 Jackie Lane Image
An application for a permit to demolish the house at Westport’s 4 Jackie Lane, off Ferry Lane East, is in process. Built in 1950, the one-story ranch has 1.088 square feet and is situated on a .37-acre property. Because the house was built more than 50 years ago, the application will be reviewed by the Westport Historic District Commission. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

2 thoughts on “WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 4 Jackie Lane

  1. Just a question—why does the Westport Historic Commission set a 50 year old requirement for review?  That is a house built in the early 60’s.  Is historical value from the 60’s?  Or was this 50 year requirement set many years ago to protect ‘real’ old homes?

    Is it time to review the 50 year requirement?  Change it to 60 or 70 years?  Is there a value to the 50 year requirement?

  2. Since it appears that the only influence the Historic Commission has is to slow down the demise of a home, I’m not sure it matters.

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