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Westporter Among GOP Delegates Attacked

Special to WestportNow

St. Paul, Minn.—Westporter Michael Rea was among Connecticut Republican Party delegation members who came under attack from protesters as the delegates attempted to make their way to the Xcel Convention Center on Image

The 56-year-old Rea, a member of Westport’s Representative Town Meeting (RTM) and the 4th Congressional District coordinator for Sen. John McCain, said the incident involved pushing, shoving, and the protesters locking arms and physically cornering and intimidating delegates.

“It was finally broken up by the members of the Connecticut delegation as hapless police looked on,” said Rea, who was uninjured in the melee.

“They (the police) were either intimidated by the protesters cameras recording the attack or completely unprepared for the confrontation.”

Rea said the delegation had just been dropped off by a bus when the violence broke out.

“The bus dropped us off several blocks from the convention center and we were making our way to the Xcel Center when several hundred protest descended on the delegation,” he said.

“I was up front and initially broke my way through the human wall. They were cursing and pushing as police appeared to be avoiding assisting the delegation for fear of triggering a further escalation.” Image
A medic attends to Fred Bieble, 83, after Connecticut delegates came under attack Monday at the GOP Convention in St. Paul, Minn. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Photo courtesy of Connecticut GOP

Rea said the protesters targeted several elderly delegates including Fred K. Bieble, 83, former deputy chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Bieble was checked by doctors but did not require further medical attention.

As other delegates came to their assistance, the protesters sprayed them a liquid, which was believed to have been Clorox.

Several delegates, including former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, were sprayed with the substance in their eyes.

These delegates were refused entry into the Convention Center by the FBI and Secret Service until it was confirmed that the substance would not endanger others.

Rea said the delegation was miffed that the convention organizers and police were not as prepared as the Denver Democrats who he said had managed to contain protesters with cages and barriers.

18 thoughts on “Westporter Among GOP Delegates Attacked

  1. If it where up to us this whole republican atrocity of an ideology of a means to run a country
    then maybe mean spirited people like Palin, can go to gitmo.

    Protest changes with time: police get more aggressive and the, uhm, ‘peaceniks’ , must use rasher force.

    Terrorists? the only terrorism going on is what our country has done and will continue to do if McCain’s party gets its way.
    But the republican party will have its way, because of money and power they’re trip

    Thank you.

  2. So I can confer from your response that you condone harming the elderly for your cause. Real nice, and yet you think the other side is the harmful one. What color is the sky in your world?

    Now excuse me while I watch the Republican Convention on Fox!

  3. on Fox of all stations!

    No. Harming the elderly is wrong, totally wrong. But I don’t find it laughable to bring gitmo into it.

    I mean really, thats a whole separate issue and also a big problem.

    Another run for 4 years like the past 8 wouldn’t help this country along at all. Not at all…

  4. Back on subject, if I may:  Thank you for this coverage. 

    The correct arena for their grievances is political, not physical.  The way these demonstrators behaved suggests thuggery and is reminiscent of street tactics in Germany in the 1930’s.  Nothing they may say justifies this behavior, which speaks very poorly for them, and taints whatever point(s) they may wish to make.  I wonder if they can appreciate the message that they are, probably unintentionally, sending.

    I, too, am puzzled as to why the police did not provide help sooner, but am glad that no one was seriously hurt.

  5. I don’t know, I’ve done pretty well, also everyone I know has done very well, and you’re living in one of the most affluent towns in one of the most affluent counties in one of the most affluent states; So what exactly is your gripe?

    Yes I know there are two America’s, the one where you live with your cancer stricken wife and children and $400. haircuts and the other, where you cheat with a bimbo and have a secret love child that you payoff with campaign funds and lie and cheat about until the jig is up!

    Don’t forget this was your Veep pick in ‘04 and he ran a close third this year. Maybe you didn’t know this, because if you watched any of the elite media you would not have. Maybe you should give ‘ol Fox a chance, especially since your side is always demanding diversity.

  6. Oh no, you don’t understand I make sure to cover all the bases. It’s important to gather all the perspectives together to see what is, and what isn’t.

    I’ve met more liars and cheaters around this area, but a different breed then your bimbo payoff…

    Way more then two Americas. There is so much more in-between those in poverty and those who have enough money to buy their daughter a sports car (and pay for all her things and etc…)

    I LIVE in this town but I don’t live it. I can’t. I’m a college grad in his parents basement, holding down three jobs only one of which appeals to what I majored in. Doesn’t pull in anything close to 24thous a year and its certainly more then a 50 hour work week.

    I’m seriously considering going back to school, didn’t go to college to pay off student loans off a blue collar salary. But I secure a really nice scholarship,
    which leaves slim options.

    Didn’t do well at all. No no. Its been a lot harder to live, and harder to save to hope live better someday. Thank goodness those dandy stimulus checks helped my debt a little

    These lowlow income people who live so low and can’t even go to college holds the majority in numbers, there’s your other America in connecticut too, all over!) you can ignore it but you can not hide from.

    Fox news just reminds me of McDonalds, by the way. Or maybe Pepsico. … regardless, its so sensationalized and inflated at Fox News it makes my brain hurt a little. But again, I make sure to cover different perspectives on those important news topics; by any means necessary.

  7. I always new you lived in your mother’s basement! And I also knew that if you were jacked up on enough Red Bull and I pushed your buttons just a little too far I would get you to admit it! You fell right into my trap, you sir, are no match for me!

    I commend you for realizing early on that your degree in Ancient Chinese Philosophy would get you no further then a Starbucks Batista or a film critic for the Village Voice. Yes I admire your awakening, and you cutting your loses. This time don’t waste your mother’s money on a liberal arts degree. I tip my hat to you! You just took your first step to becoming, dare I say…a Republican! God Bless You!

  8. Why so nasty?

    My mother’s money? PLEASE, talk to her. I am on my own here. Thank you.

    Red Bull?
    Isn’t that stuff bad for you?

    Quite the cruel spirit you have sir to turn a conversation into a jab fest. It reminds me of Fox News. Great for old guys on Adderall.

    Thanks for your encouragement and attempt at positivity.

  9. Don’t take it so personal, it was meant tongue-in-cheek. Maybe you should log off WestportNow and try Match.Com; Sounds like you need a diversion (if you know what I mean – think John Edwards).

  10. Hmmm, real funny.

    really funny.

    So personally? Do you read what you write? You got pretty hefty into detail during your little victory.
    Wait I thought this thread was suppose to be about politics. Yeah I best log off and wait for the next go around.

  11. The next <i>ad hominem</i> attack by anyone will result in a suspended account. Keep it civil and on topic or your posting privilege will be suspended.

    Here are the Terms of Service you agreed to abide by when you registered for the privilege of posting comments:

    <i>“WestportNow welcomes comments from readers but reserves the right to edit or delete those comments which in our sole discretion we deem inappropriate.

    “These include <b>personal attacks, directly or impugned, those we judge to be unfair, malicious, nasty, or spiteful in tone or manner</b>, those containing inappropriate language, unsubstantiated allegations, or statements known to be false, <b>those off-topic,</b> or those placed beneath an unrelated entry.

    “We reserve the right to close threads we feel begin to violate these guidelines and to deny posting privileges to anyone demonstrating a repeated unwillingness to observe them.

    “As posting on WestportNow is a privilege granted at our sole discretion, we will not engage in a dialogue about individual postings that have been edited or removed or threads that have been closed.”</i>

  12. THANK YOU, Lee!  I read this article only because I wanted to find out the story about Michael Rea and what happened at the Convention.  The vitriolic attacks are uncomfortable to read by people who love to read WestportNow for the NEWS it so beautifully brings us (along with the fabulous photos around town).  I do hope that you will suspend the rights of anyone who doesn’t follow the guidelines we all agreed to.  This felt like a pit bull fight.

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