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Westport Town Attorney Wins One for Easton

When he is not wearing his hat as Westport Town Attorney, Ira Bloom is a partner in a local firm and in that role he has won a significant case for one of Westport’s neighbors, the Town of Easton.

Bloom, a partner in the law firm of Wake, See, Dimes & Bryniczka, won dismissal last week of a case that had been brought against Easton by a group called Citizens for a Responsible Government.

The group sought to overturn the results of a town referendum which overwhelmingly supported the construction of a new elementary school.

After the Easton Board of Selectmen called a town meeting and a town-wide vote to approve an appropriation of $29 million and bond authorization, the citizens of Easton voted 1,624 to 617 in favor of the expenditure.

The Citizens group challenged the vote, claiming that the information provided at the town meeting was incomplete, inaccurate and not meaningful.Ӕ

Bloom, a former Westport Board of Education member who has been retained by Easton on selected matters for several years, argued that the case should be dismissed since it presented a political questionӔ which should not be resolved by the courts. 

After a hearing and the filing of briefs, Judge Julia Dewey agreed, dismissing the case, and noting that if the individual voters felt ill prepared to decide the issue presented, they could have voted against the referendum.Ӕ

I was pleased by the outcome,Ӕ Bloom said. 

Easton had a tremendous amount at stake in this case if the plaintiff succeeded, including loss of their bonding ability, loss of the September 2005 opening date for the school, and loss of state reimbursement.Ӕ

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