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Westport Schools May Get $1.3 Million in Federal Aid

Congressman Jim Himes announced today that under the economic recovery plan currently being considered in Congress, Westport schools stand to receive $1,340,300 for modernization projects and to help meet the costs of providing special education and related services to children with disabilities.

Of the anticipated funds, $177,300 would be designated for modernization construction—including funding to equip schools with labs and computers and to make schools more energy efficient—and $1,163,000 in IDEA special education grants to help children with special needs succeed, Himes said.

The Congressional Research Service estimates that, according to the first draft of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, schools in Himes’ 4th Congressional District would receive more than $65 million, his office said.

“Investing in education is critical to a long-term solution to the economic turmoil we currently face,” said Himes.

“Preparing our students—and, in turn, the workforce— to take on 21st century jobs will help ensure Connecticut remains a place businesses choose to locate and families choose to live.”

The draft recovery legislation now moving through the U.S. House calls for $14 billion nationwide for school modernization construction, $13 billion of additional Title I funding to help economically disadvantaged students receive a high quality education; and an additional $13 billion in IDEA special education grants to help children with special needs succeed.

6 thoughts on “Westport Schools May Get $1.3 Million in Federal Aid

  1. I think in theory it’s supposed to avert budget cuts that gov’ts would otherwise make, slowing economic growth. The states and locals have been begging for this aid since September, even though they’re giving up some policy control to the Feds in getting it.

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