Sunday, July 14, 2024


Westport School Retirees to be Honored

The Westport Board of Education today announced the teachers and administrators retiring from the school system this year who will be honored at a reception Monday.

They include:

Bedford Middle School
Joyce Campbell
Christine Cimino
Richard Rollins

Coleytown Elementary School
Barbara Hauer

Coleytown Middle School
Antoinette Gombeda
James Welsch

Green’s Farms Elementary School
Connie L. Miller
Ann Reeves
Grace Welsch

King’s Highway Elementary School
Linval G. Sinclair

Saugatuck Elementary School
Brita Nilsson

Staples High School
Elliot Kraut
Bruce McFadden
Barbara Sands
Arlene Johnson

Pupil Services
Ken Hanson

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