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Westport Property Transfers Sept. 12 – 16, 2016

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Sept. 12 -16, 2016:

James A. and Armelle Pouriche-Daniels Jr. to David and Kerri Rosenthal, 287 Sturges Highway, $1,780,000WNproperty.jpg

Leonard and Cathleen Sherman to David and Suzanne Knesich, 2 Gordon Lane, $1,240,000

Arthur S. Tolentino to Vanbrodt Estates LLC, 5 Ridgewood Lane, $575,000

Richard M. and Lura Paschal to Marcia Lesser, 3 Charcoal Hill Common, $1,375,000

Suzanne S. Lawrence to Sabino Rodriguez III, 14 Norwalk Ave., $1,600,000

Lisa S. Rome to M. Pires Construction LLC, 80 North Ave., $550,000

Paul B. Steffensen to Carol C. and Robert M. Johnson, 127 Harvest Commons, $825,000

Henry and Kathryn E. Peter to Michael Dangelo and Whitney T. Pacelli, 117 Wilton Road, $465,000

John and Nancy Munley to Drew H. and Cali Carleton, 10 Sycamore Drive, $1,700,000

Karen E. Como to Thomas and Veronica Lundell Hofstetter III, 5 Riverview Road, $1,279,000

Edward R and Beth A. Moeller to Matthew E. and Kimberly Petre, 20 Sue Terrace, $985,000

Pamela A. Cole to Sara Letourneau, 25 Appletree Trail, $1,399,000

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