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Westport Property Transfers May 29 – June 2, 2017

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period May 29 – June 2, 2017:

JAARC LLC to Samuel and Alissa Hendel, 28 Turkey Hill Road South, $2,950,000WNproperty.jpg

Adam and Julianna Stockton to Kendarp and Rupalbahen Shah, 15 Tarone Drive, $1,037,500

John E. and Janette Dutt to Patrick Kocsi, 29 Spicer Road, $899,000

Judith Hardy Olson to Sanford C. Wilder, 404 Harvest Commons, $849,000

Tulpe H. Traber Estate to SIR-6 Hunting LLC, 6 Hunting Lane, $560,000

Richard H. and Angelica L. Hinchcliff Jr. to Kevin J. and Tara L. McCarthy, 82 Clapboard Hill Road, $1,539,000

Elizabeth E. Auerbach to Henry Robertson and Ruth Barrett, 129 Beachside Ave., $2,575,000

Michael W. Antonetz to Sonam Sethi and Varun Tejpal, 1 Stone Drive, $912,000

SIR-11 Ambler LLC to Alexei D. and Sonya C. Orlov, 11 Ambler Road West, $1,950,000

Brendan T. and Keiko Marie Conner to Warren S. Griffiths, 55 Woodside Ave., $1,015,000

Katrin D. Laroche to Marc V. Laroche, 10 Sachem Trail, $870,000

Shahriar Hafizi and Sophia Husain to Zeal N. and Nimish V. Patel, 32 Cranbury Road, $785,000

Nicholas and Sheila Mancini to Effie Andriotis LLC, 484 Riverside Ave., $1,105,000

Zucaro Inc. to Peter Halka, 17 Roseville Road, $258,000

Thomas and Giancarla Truitt to Greg and Kelly Marie Herman, 35 Washington Ave., $1,470,000

Nicholas and Megan Daffan to Mason A. and Erin Clark, 25 Evergreen Ave., $1,196,000

Robert J. and Amanda L. Brougham to Susan Saraf, 179 Bayberry Lane, $556,000

Steven Luttinger and Sue Nadel to Jeffrey G. and Ashley Peate., 38 Colony Road, $1,599,000

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