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Westport Property Transfers June 24-28, 2019

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 24-28, 2019:

Patricia C. & Jonathan H. Zins to Nitin Somalwar & Kimberly Dal Santo, 9 Fairview Drive, $1,500,000Westport Property Transfers

Wayne Daniel & Stuart Gordon to Noam Paransky & Emily Bernstein, 34 Stony Brook Road, $3,050,000

Robert J. & Lorraine S. Kennedy to Matthew D. & Vanessa P. Keefe, 6 Barry Lane, $950,000

Andrew James & Sheetal Anil Stocker to Fabricia de Andrade Zonzini, 2 Pony Lane, $1,950,000

Carstein Thiel to Alexis P. Bernard & Valeria M. Girimonte, 14 Charcoal Hill Road, $3,255,000

Henry L. & Kim C. Cooper to Seth & Lindsay Kerschner, 42 Burnham Hill, $2,640,000

Nathall 28 PR LLC c/o Greenfield Partners LLC to WNH 2-8PR LLC, 2-8 Post Road West, $5,250,000

Nathall 1220W LLC c/o Greenfield Partners LLC to WNH 12-20W LLC, 12-20 Wilton Road, $5,950,000

Nathall 2939W LLC c/o Greenfield Partners LLC to WNH 29-39W LLC, 29-39 Wilton Road, $5,250,000

Nathall 6W LLC c/o Greenfield Partners LLC to WNH 6W LLC, 6 Wilton Road, $1,050,000

Francine Bara to Courtney Barret & Susan Wilson, 24 Punch Bowl Drive, $1,550,000

Mary C. Bolton to Twin Circle LLC, 21 Sherwood Drive, $650,000

Lion Holdings LLC to Jeannie Guzman, 20 Cross Street, Unit 3, $412,500

MCP II Wright Street LLC to WFF Westport LL LLC, 8-10 Wright Street, $30,021,500

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