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Westport Property Transfers June 19 – 23, 2017

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 19 – 23, 2017:

180 Westport Partners LLC to JPM Westport LLC, 180 Post Road East, $18,000,000WNproperty.jpg

Gregory E. Rosen and Dara R. Webster to John Jang, 7 Punch Bowl Drive, $849,000

Frances Goldman to Resabel Geelan, 17 Hills Lane, Taxes paid in Norwalk, $275,000

Mark Harlan Litke Trust,  Mark Harlan Litke 1994 Trust to Michael Norman Hechter Trust, Michael Hechter Family Trust, 173 Riverside Ave., $1,475,000

Thomas D. Duda and Ashley M. Pritchard to John P. Maher and Noreen Abdel-Meguid, 76 Hillspoint Road, $1,482,500

Wilson L. McKane to 48 Owenoke Park LLC, 48 Owenoke Park, $4,750,000

Rachel Schwartz to Martin Ulrich Mossakowski, 8 Mansfield Place, $942,000

Ingred Y, Chen and Thomas E. Leggett to Sarah Hanna and Noah Wollowick, 1 Plunkett Place, $2,190,000

Jeremy D. and Kathryn R. Cochran to Eric Cheung and Dina Ferdman, 55 Evergreen Ave., $1,325,000

Brandi and DavidI Briggs to Jennifer M. and Ross A. Meltzer, 2 Rainey Lane, $1,700,000

Jerry M. Torrence Estate to Marlon and Karen Dale, 97 Sturges Highway, $750,000

David M. and Andrea K. Cross to Helen A. Lowman, 46 Kings Highway South, $1,285,000

Laura Agostini to Robert A. and Ellen R. Landowne, 303 Lansdowne, $820,000

Mary C. Flynn to James and Katherine Larsen, 154 Regents Park, $714,000

Drew Friedman Estate to 991-995 Post Road East LLC, 993 Post Road East, $2,750,000

Karen G. Roche aka 30 Henderson Road to Debra M. and John Giannelli, 147 Easton Road, $300,000

Christoph T. Bene and Michelle D. Nka Michelle H. Demonte to Cynthia Hamer, 24 Evergreen Ave., $1,275,000

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