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Westport Property Transfers June 12 – 16, 2017

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 12 – 16, 2017:

Jason C. and Tonia L. Miller to Timothy J. and Joan F. Beckert, 3 Clinton Ave., $541,500WNproperty.jpg

1 Oak Ridge Park LLC to Benjamin and Emily Fischer, 1 Oak Ridge Park, $1,865,000

Benjamin S. and Emily S. Fischer to Padraig M. and Sara J. Connolly, 5E Gorham Ave., $1,399,000

Martha Ann and Kathryn M. Polacik to Jeffrey D. and Michelle L. Boccuzzi, 3 Hogan Trail, $637,000

Robert P. and Debra W. Lee to Justin W. and Kimberly G. Friesen, 99 Bayberry Lane, $3,700,000

Elizabeth A. Woody to John C. and Lori Dodd III, 220 Riverside Ave. Unit 1, $709,000

Adam Ritzer and Jamie K. Gergard to Peter M. and Erica Z. Bryniczka, 44 Maple Ave. South, $1,504,400

Elayne F. Landau to Aaron and Elizabeth Meisel Amitin, 9 Colony Road, $2,220,000

Derek J. and Sandra J. Blackburn to Carol N. Gorman, 5 Scherer Court, $1,099,000

John L. Hodson to Joel M. and Janet Braverman, 15 Appletree Trail, $2,775,000

William P. and Cheryl L. Bundy to Matthew Steege and Caroline Maher, 4 Hillandale Road, $2,400,000

Pi Yun and Pi Shia Chao to Edward and Elizabeth Keith, 24 Mills St., $590,000

Jeanne Atkinson to David W. Meyers, 94 Grove Point Road, $950,000

Maureen Janet Miskovic to Russell A. and Cornelia L. Fortier, 13 Strathmore Lane, Taxes paid in Norwalk, $377,000

Susan G. Hagan Trust to Bin Jiang / Peng Zhang, 7 Ruta Court, $795,000

Ian E. Warburg to Hokitika CT LLC, 326 Compo Road South, $1,530,000

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