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Westport Property Transfers June 10-14, 2019

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 10-14, 2019:

Susanna Sachau to Juan Carlos Arce & Alejandra C. Carvallo, 3 Canning Lane, $1,600,000Westport Property Transfers

Aimee Rein to Marc D. & Angela K. Tankel, 3 Pleasant Valley Lane, $1,950,000

Eric A. Wardrip Trust to Jean P. Pearl Trust, 61 Richmondville Ave., $921,000

6 Wedgewood Road LLC to Wild Devils LLC c/o Kenneth Gruder, 6 Wedgewood Road, $3,105,000

Christine A. Brewer to David A. & Laurie D. Sorensen, 220 Riverside Ave., Unit 8, $680,000

Shaohua Huang to 24 Drumlin LLC, 24 Drumlin Road, $550,000

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