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Westport Property Transfers July 3 – 7, 2017

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period July 3 – 7, 2017:

Lynn Wisch Trust to Moon Methta, 5 Ivy Knoll, $880,000WNproperty.jpg

Richard A. and Judith L. Small to Timothy C. Roof, 117 Weston Road, $1,325,000

Craig R. and Stephanie D. Willis to Erik H. and Stacie Waldman, 33 Washington Ave., $1,599,000

Gregory M. and Dawn M. Lester to Craig R. and Stephanie D. Willis, 334 Compo Road South, $1,675,000

Richard and Bernice Daddario to Brian T. and Jennifer Rebello, 50 Whitney St., $2,479,000

Andrew J. and Jennifer S. Kanter to Elizabeth A. Woody, 22 Pin Oak Court, $1,250,000

Randolph N. and Nicole M. Chalker to Luciano and Leila L. Cocito, 31 Reichert Circle, $1,575,000

Jonathan and Stephanie J. Bart to Serena M. Baker and Oscar Argueta, 32 Wright St., $951,000

Thad G. and Martha Neale Eidman to Charles Ethan and Lisa Barbas Luftig, 2 Pequot Trail, 1,390,000

46 Washington Avenue LLC to Brian L. Gold , 46 Washington Ave., $2,250,000

Kenneth D. Lahn to Mattera Construction 16 Linda Lane LLC, 16 Linda Lane, $1,075,000

Kenneth and Patrica Shapiro to Juan Carlos Mier Geraud, Mariana Perez Garcia, 3 Dexter Road, $1,279,000

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