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Westport Property Transfers July 13 – 17, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period July 13 – 17, 2015:

Christopher Cocco to Brooke L. Coniglio, 2 Keenes Road, $700,000WNproperty.jpg

William C. Shope Jr. to Thomas L. and Jennifer C. Hassell, 68 Patrick Road, $900,000

Clorinda Fiorentino to Gregory W. MacCordy, 6 Lamplight Lane, $920,000

Jeffrey and Barbara Heil to John and Amanda Wilson, 3 Feather Hill Road, $2,325,000

Hua He and Connie M. Ding to Jeffrey L. Ment and Mary Murray, 6 Marion Road, $1,290,000

CCO IV Hillspoint LLC to Michael and Linda Klein, 158 Hillspoint Road, $1,795,000

Nicholas R. Clarke to Paul and Janet Marthers, 10C Imperial Ave., $1,099,000

Susan Beth Martin to Scilla M. and Stephen J. Vincini, 308 Weston Road, $1,225,000

Beth S. Gould to Robert M. and Andrea N. Arnold, 7 Brookside Park, $860,000

William G. Cohen to Jeffrey and Barbara Heil, 92 Harbor Road, $1,420,000

Alvin and Kanokrat Lim to Dino Michetti, 3 Pheasant Lane, $825,000

Bank of New York Mellon-Trust to Sturges Brothers Inc., 1 Strathmore Lane, $620,000

Stuart A. and Rebecca D. Hunt to Sharif Eladawy and Margaret Tawadrous, 12 Blue Ribbon Drive, $2,375,000

John Francis Gerard Estate to Susan Gay Roberts, 222 Lansdowne, 50% Interest, $368,500

Rosemary Wackar Gerard Estate to Susan Gay Roberts, 222 Lansdowne, 50% Interest, $368,500

Kanika Taylor to Matthew Ulrich and Tanya Kanchanagom, 35 Treadwell Ave., $1,030,000

Suzanne M. Flavia Tanner to Thomas G. Lyle and Neayka Sahay, 12 Bolton Lane, $1,385,000

Dorothy Berman Revocable Trust to 227 Hills LLC, 227 Hillspoint Road, $1,290,000

Mary Ellen DeVito to Sunil D. Rao and Vidya R. Nair, 1 Sachem Trail, $937,500

Michael J. and Ryann Toland Giannone to Renuka Arunkumar, 6 Birch St., $799,000

Lisa Jacoby and John Ohern to Brent Douglas and Alexix Hays Lawton, 209 Wilton Road, $645,500

Tomi Ann and Jeffrey A. Northrop to Annette Sophie and Stephan Pollman, 29 Fairfield Ave., $2,200,000

Patrick S. and Shauna S. Flaherty to Guobin Ou and Jing Deng, 36 Marion Road, $795,000

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