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Westport Property Transfers July 10 – 14, 2017

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period July 10 – 14, 2017:

Seymour I.and Ellen Orlinsky to Naomi Cruz and Benedict Ciferri, 36 Canal Road, $1,190,000WNproperty.jpg

Maeve Durkin Hand to Thad G. and Martha Neale Eidman, 53 Kings Highway North, $909,500

26 Church Street LLC to SIR-1 Garden LLC, 26 Church S. South, $624,500

Leslie Chase and Hilary Newby Trusts to Emil Fish, 20 and 26 Morningside Drive South, $1,500,000

Daniel G. Roberts and Maxine Bloom to Jonathan Rosenoer, 8 Abbotts Lane, $1,140,000

Matthew and Monika Delmonte to Promisor Relocation LLC, 18 Church St. South, $1,445,000

Promisor Relocation LLC to Steven S. Seltzer and Aiko Nose, 18 Church St. South, $1,445,000

Keven P. and Kathryn G. Gray to Karem Merih, 33 Red Coat Road, $925,000

Debra S. Lipset to Keven Paul and Kathryn Gray, 10 Brook Lane, $1,350,000

Eileen D. Peterson Trust, Eileen D. Peterson Revocable Trust to James P Haman III and Meghan R. Johnson, 4 Crystal Circle Unit 3 Compo Common, 1,856,000

Stig Are and Goerild Johnsen Berg to Preneshan J. Ramaloo and Nalini Pillay, 133 Hillandale Road, $1,250,000

Margaret Tracey and Michael Craig Handler to Darrin S. and Lauren C. Marshall, 61 Old Road, $2,012,500

Barbara Licker to Benjamin M. and Cara J. Zimon, 14 Jennie Lane, $680,000

Kenji Higuchi to Matthew J. Tarascio and Kinana Danial, 3 Acorn Lane, $1,409,000

Michisan LLC to Mohamed Abdelsadek and Nancy S. Mahmoud, 3 Davis Lane, $2,050,000

39CP LLC to Kevin and Elisabeth Ruscitti, 39 Compo Parkway, $5,985,000

Joseph F. McCambley and Joan Zimmerman to Margrit Strohmaier-Lichter, 6 Tranquility Lane, $1,670,000

Timothy F. Brown to Sod Family Living Trust, 16 Burr Farms Road, $3,165,000

Theodore A. and Catherine C. Zarembo to Brian K. and Mayu A. Clay, 93 Roseville Road, $1,325,000

Ralph J. Herbert Jr. and Michelle E. Ryan to Michael J. and Leah B. Kovach, 6 Franklin Ave., $915,000

Bluewater Burnham 42 LLC to Henry L. and Kim C. Cooper, 42 Burnham Hill, $2,825,000

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