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Westport Property Transfers Dec. 3-7, 2018

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Dec. 3-7, 2018:

Lance Lundberg to Richard Shea Trustee Lundberg Family Trust 6 Fraser Road, $1,937,000Westport Property Transfers

Jane N. Reeves to John J. & Stephanie L. Fitzgerald, 1 Old Hill Farms Road, $1,082,500

Michelle Cunningham Trust, ABCM Revocable Trust to Todd & Valentina Lopez, 158 Compo Road South, $3,000,000

Maura Ann O’Keefe Estate to Emmanuel & Roseline Fleurancy, 9 Vineyard Lane, $475,850

Stephen M. & Laura O. Kerepesi to Jesse Bigelow & Christine M. Boucher, 16 Horseshoe Lane, $1,125,000

Henry C. & Phyllis M. Lee to Heidi Perloff, 146 Lansdowne, $765,000

Seung Hyun Moon & Soo Jin Chang to American International Relocation Solutions, 18 Wheeler Gate, $1,620,000

American International Relocation Solutions to Patricia & Gerald Sargent, 18 Wheeler Gate, $1,578,330

Richard Colucci Estate to Able Construction Inc., 56 Bulkley Ave. North, $752,000

Joyce M. Singer to Maria Clementina DeAngelis, 42 Strathmore Lane, $333,000

Kwok Cheung So to Mark & Margaret Mirowski, 2 Ruta Court, $527,310

Dina R. Berger to Devynne & Sergio A. Tortora, 6 Bayberry Commons, $900,000

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