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Westport Property Transfers Aug. 8-12, 2005

Martin E. and Judith G. Asher to Robert Vanbatenburg, 17 Indian Hill Road, $744,000

Redcoat Development LLC to Jay and Alison Bernstein, 30 Cross Highway, $2,150,000

Judith Peters to Robert E. Barrett, Unit 49 Strathmore Lane, $475,000

Anthony R. and Stephanie Fasone to Noel R. and Nancy Wallace, 60 Coleytown Road, $2,485,000

Turnkey Assoc. Inc. to Sandford and Beth Tassel, 24 Burr Farms Road, $2,400,750

CG Development LLC to Erik G. and Alice A. Scharf Matlick, 7 Lantern Hill Road, $4,075,000

Kevin Mchugh to Glenn K. Shapiro Trust, 338 Compo Road South, $2,100,000

48 Drumlin Road LLC to Drumlin LLC, 48 Drumlin Road, $550,000

Ilene C. and Alan Frost to Gregory P. and Kecia A. Vonderahe, 11 Mary Jane Lane, $1,485,000

Phillip M. and Judith T. Huston to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 20 Whitney St., $1,260,000

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Sarah McGraw and Jeffrey M. Levine, 20 Whitney St., $1,260,000

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