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Westport Awaits Latest No Child Left Behind Report With Nervousness

Theres a new report coming from ConnecticutҒs Department of Education on compliance with the No Child Left Behind law and Westport educators are nervous that Staples High School might be cited as in need of improvement.

Inklings, the Staples newspaper, reported in its latest issue that Staples had already been put on notice that it had failed the latest round of student achievement testing because not enough students had taken the test.

But Schools Supt. Elliott Landon told WestportNow the Inklings report was premature. We are still awaiting the official report,Ӕ he said.

Sandra Urist, chair of the Board of Education, said she had been told that whether Staples was in compliance depended on whether enough students who were required to take achievement tests actually did so.

It is my understanding that it could go one way or another,Ӕ she said.

In August, Bedford Middle School ended up on a state Education Department list of schools in need of improvement because one student did not take a test, according to Landon.

A spokesperson for the Education Department told WestportNow scores were to have been forwarded to schools and made public by Nov. 15.

They ran into problems and itӒs been delayed for a couple of weeks, she said.

ԓNo Child Left Behind affects Staples because state goals have not been achieved, according to the Inklings report.

ԓMany students at Staples have failed to meet the goals of the Connecticut standardized test known as the Connecticut Academic Performance Test. The actual test scores were not the problem.

The problem was that not enough students took the test, because some of them chose to protest against standardized testing.Ӕ

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