Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Town Clerk Is Now a Click Away

By Jennifer Connic

Westport residents who want to look at information in the Town Clerk’s office now have some access from home if they have an Internet connection.

The indexes for land records, maps, and marriage and death certificates are now available on the town’s Web site.

Town Clerk Patricia Strauss said she has been working with the town’s information technology staff for the last 18 months to get the information online.

There were initial concerns over security, she said, and fear that hackers could gain unauthorized access and change records. However, the information has been placed on its own, secure server to prevent such invasions, she said.

People who want to look at the actual documents, however, do not have that access, Strauss said. They still must come to her office to look up records and get a copy at $1 per page.

She said she hopes that in the future full documents can be placed online if there is a way to charge people, as she is required to do under state statute.

“There is a lot of information in the indexes,” said Strauss. “You can search and verify the flow of information is happening.”

The land transfers are online in chronological order, she said, so people can easily find them.

“People can make sure a piece of information was attached to the land record this way,” she said.

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