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Text Amendment Proposes Cluster Housing

A developer is asking Westport’s Plannning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) to ease rules to build cluster housing aimed at residents who want to downsize. Image
Mel Barr: proposal aimed at those who want to downsize. Dave Matlow/WN photo

The P&Z is scheduled on Thursday, March 3, to review a text amendment allowing multiple, single-family dwellings on one building lot in Residential A zones, Mary Young, deputy P&Z director, announced today.

Melvin Barr of Barr Associates LLC submitted amendment No. 705 proposing cluster housing.

He said it would allow four dwellings on one acre, each dwelling not to exceed 3,200-square feet, provided the property meets specific criteria outlined in the amendment.

“Basically, we’re trying to encourage a limited number of new small houses for people who want to downsize and stay in town,” said Barr, who would not name the client he is representing.

“I think the town could use some new, smaller, single-family residences,” he added.

“Right now they’re not getting any except down by the beach area where the prices are astronomical.”

Barr said that currently one acre in a half-acre residential zone would only accommodate two houses, “but we’re suggesting those two large houses be four small houses on that same one acre.”

“We’re going to put commensurable space on the same site in a different configuration, meaning smaller buildings,” he said.

—James Lomuscio

2 thoughts on “Text Amendment Proposes Cluster Housing

  1. I think there is some merit to the concept of cluster zoning, but where I come from (1980s Westport), 3200 square feet is not a small house. Where I live, houses that size are on a full acre, and it seems about right.

    How about four 2000 sq foot houses on an acre, with deed restrictions so they don’t grow over time? Let’s leave some green areas to promote drainage, not to mention privacy.

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