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Taking Aim at Wasteful AC

Open doors to air-conditioned Main Street stores on steamy hot days, a cool way to bait potential customers, are once again getting the cold shoulder from town officials.

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Lululemon athletica, 91 Main St., kept its doors open last July in 90-degree heat. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) WestportNow.com photo

David Mann, chairman of Westport’s Green Task Force, today urged Westport business owners and managers to keep the doors shut while the premises are being cooled on hot days, as well as being heated on cold ones. This is the second year of the initiative.

Mann’s letter to local merchants also won support from First Selectman Jim Marpe, the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Merchants Association in an effort to conserve resources for Westport to become a more sustainable community.

Mann added that Earth Guardians, a Toquet Hall-based environmental activist youth group, will help by visiting businesses that leave doors open and remind them of the initiative.

The activity will be led by Carla Pavia, assistant for Westport’s Youth Services program, he said.

“Thanks in great part to the efforts of the Green Task Force, Westport is in the forefront of addressing sustainability and conservation issues,” said Marpe.

“I am confident that the businesses in town will take this simple step to keep their doors closed to demonstrate that they support the community’s goal of Net Zero by the year 2050.

“I am also pleased that this year the Earth Guardians group will be involved as well,” he added.

Mann lauded the fact that businesses, residents and the town were cooperating “to save energy and money in moving towards net-zero future.”

“This means that Westport intends to make or buy renewable energy equal to its energy use, sustain water quality and quantity and minimize waste,” he said.

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