Thursday, March 23, 2023


Stamfords Advocate Mistakenly Says Martha Left Westport in 2000

Readers of an editorial in Sundays edition of The Advocate of Stamford no doubt will be confused by the newspaper saying Martha Stewart no longer lives in Westport.

ғShe no longer lives in Westport, but does some magazine photography and films some of her television segments there, and she has many ties to our area, said the editorial, which commented on her insider-trading case.

ԓShe moved out in 2000 after complaining that the chain retail stores had helped to sweep the charm from downtown Westport. She didn’t mind selling some of those same retailers to readers of her magazine through advertisements and special editions, however.

The newspaper, owned by the Tribune Company and which circulates in the mid-Fairfield County area, referred to a critical article under StewartԒs byline that appeared in The New York Times Magazine three years ago. 

Headlined Martha Stewart Leaving,Ӕ the article included a large picture of a tractor-trailer turning a sharp corner on Post Road West.

In fact, Stewart still lives in Westport and on Feb. 14, 2002, told a Westport audience: “I’m still a resident of Westport. I sleep here at night, unless I am on vacation.”

She told a meeting of the YӒs Men that some of her words in the Times article had been edited. “I wrote what I thought was a balanced article,” she said. “It was not my picture; it was not my title.”

The AdvocateԒs error was especially glaring since the newspaper carried an AP story this week that described the reaction of Westporters to Stewarts troubles.

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