Monday, April 22, 2024


“Shocked” to See Schools Adding Administrators

(The following letter was sent to Schools Supt. Elliott Landon and Board of Ed Chair Sandra Urist)

In this time of dramatically rising property taxes due to new schools and school renovation, I am shocked to see that the school system is continuing to add to the already excessively large number of school administrators.

In the list of administrative positions that the school board is looking to fill (as listed on the school Web site), I see none that are essential.

I see none that add to the learning of the students who are at school. All I see is more and more layers of highly paid administrators.

Please take a look at the essentials of running the school and eliminate what is not necessary. 

In the business world, people who run companies have to look at what is non-value-added and question whether or not a company really needs or can afford a position. 

If the school system were a business, it would be out of business long ago. The fact that the town is expected to just fund and fund what is wanted, building up a top-heavy administrative staff is not reasonable.

I have no objection paying for teachers and a skeleton administration. That is reasonable. What is happening now including the administrative positions that are currently being advertised ֖ is not.

Jane E. Sherman

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