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Schools’ ‘Top 10’ Pay List Includes 22 Administrators

Twenty-two Westport school administrators, including principals and assistant principals, made the district’s 2018 “Top 10” list of highest paid employees, with Schools Superintendent Colleen Palmer taking the top spot, according to a report released today.

Palmer received total pay of $318,608.70, which included $13,804.40 in vacation pay and a $4,392.90 in an annuity on top of her $300,411.40 salary.

The second high paid was Elio Longo, the schools’ chief financial officer who released the report. He earned a total of $249,486.50, including a salary of $224,572.40, $9,914.10 in vacation pay and $15,000 in other earnings.

The third highest paid was Staples High School principal James D’Amico with a salary of $200,369.98.

John Bayers, director of human resources, took fourth place with total earnings of $190,600.90, which included his base pay of $186.319.25 and $4,281.50 in vacation compensation.

Adam Rosen, Bedford Middle School principal, was the fifth highest paid with $182,710.22. With a salary of $181,075.48, Coleytown Middle School Principal Kris Szabo was the sixth highest paid.

Kings Highway School Principal Mary Lou DiBella and Long Lots School Principal Debra Dunn were the seventh highest paid school employees, each with an annual $177,878.14 salary.

Eighth place was shared by four district employees, each earning $176.243.53: Natalie Carrignan, director of technology; Greens Farms School Principal Kevin Cazzetta; Saugatuck Elementary School Principal Elizabeth Messler; and Coleytown Elementary School Principal Janna Sirowich.

Ninth place was shared by James Farnen and Richard Franzis, both assistant principals at Staples and each earning $165,146.51.

The top 10 list was rounded by eight employees, each earning $165,091.51 salary. They were: Colleen Banick, assistant principal at Bedford Middle School; Lorraine DiNapoli, special education department chairwoman; Denise Emmerthal, assistant principal at Bedford Middle School; Micah Lawrence, assistant principal at Coleytown Middle School; Jacquelyn Mellin, assistant principal at Bedford Middle School; Patrick Micinilio, Staples assistant principal; Lauren Pitocco, Coleytown Middle School assistant principal; and Meghan Ward, Staples assistant principal.

-— James Lomuscio

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