Monday, May 20, 2024


Rells Plans Second School Safety Conference

Following this week’s shootings at Northern Illinois University, Gov. M. Jodi Rell today announced she will be asking school officials across Connecticut to join her at a second statewide conference on school safety.

The conference—involving educators from elementary schools to colleges—is to be held before the end of March, but a specific date has not yet been set, Rell’s office said.

“As leaders, we continue to strive to make our schools the safest and most secure environment possible for students, faculty and staff—a place where they can be free to learn and work without fear of violence,” Rell said in a statement.

“The shootings at Northern Illinois University on Wednesday horrified us all.

“Safer classrooms are the goal of every parent, educator and law enforcement officer—and meetings like these offer a chance to share ideas and learn what others are doing to prevent future tragedies.”

Rell said as she after the attack last year at Virginia Tech, she has asked the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, the Department of Education and the Department of Public Safety to put together this conference.

“I am asking professionals from a wide range of subject areas to participate—including mental health and other disciplines,” she said.

“I believe we can help prevent future attacks if students and teachers are taught how to recognize when someone is becoming increasingly troubled and how to intervene effectively.”

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