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Postscript to a Teardown: 10 Covlee Drive

This teardown at 10 Covlee Drive in the Saugatuck Shores area was featured on Friday’s WestportNow only hours before it was demolished. On hand for the take down Friday were owners Jackie and Howard Mason (2nd and 3rd l) and their mortgage banker, Henry Weeks, from the Westport National Bank (l)—he said he came because he had never seen a house demolished. Howard Mason lived around the corner at 3 Covlee Drive until 1983. He said he always wanted to return to Saugatuck Shores so he bought the one-story, 1,700-square-foot house in October 2004 for $820,000 and plans to replace it with a 3,400-square-foot Colonial. (CLICK TO ENLARGE ) Dave Matlow for

5 thoughts on “Postscript to a Teardown: 10 Covlee Drive

  1. Who can afford to move to this town? At $820,000 this house was already very expensive for a new starting family.

    Something to think about – The town just built an $80 million high school, but at the rate we’re going, this town has out priced the young family with young children.

    I understand renovations to the highschool were neccessary, but don’t be surprized when enrollment plummets. Has anyone on the Board of Ed taken into consideration the affordable housing problem for young families?

    Parents are figuring out that it is cheaper to live in affordable neighboring towns like Wilton, Fairfield, Ridgefield, Weston and Easton and still afford to send their kids to many of the terrific surrounding private schools ie. Greens Farms Academy, Fairfield Prep, St. Lukes,etc.

    My prediction = “I told you so”

  2. I wouldn’t call the towns you list “affordable”. Maybe a bit less than Westport, or maybe a larger house/more land for the same money, but there’s still slim pickings below $750 or so, and virtually nothing below $500k. Some of these towns also have higher taxes than Westport, so it’s hard to win, unless you’re willing to move way outside the NYC orbit. I do think it’s time to question the price/value equation for our schools, and analyze why we seem to have gleaming, new buildings and all the latest gadgets but declining academic performance.

  3. Simply outpriced:

    You offer a lot of critique, but no solution. What do you propose we do?

    Things to think about:
    -This is without question one of the most affluent and expensive towns in the entire nation. What do you expect?
    -The market dictates prices. People pay what they believe what they are buying is worth. Your sweeping generalization that everything is “overpriced” is clearly not true. It may be “excessively expensive,” but as long as people are paying it, it is not overpriced.
    -The word “surprised” does not contain the letter “z.”

    Also, why do people feel the need to hide their idendities? I don’t mean to pick on you – but let’s have an open an honest forum here!

    Chrisitan Myers

  4. Dear Fan,

    Your maturity is striking, and you really show you�re not a coward by revealing your true name. I am indeed far from short, but still feel that your post was out of line and offensive to anyone reading this that happens to be under an acceptable height according to you.

    Do you not find it ironic that your post commenting on my alleged rudeness is quite possibly the rudest post on this entire site?

    Additionally, your inability to distinguish between “your” and “you’re” is an indication that you are either under age 12, or at least have the mentality of a pre-teen.

    Good luck to you in life,

  5. Dear Christian,

    I’m guessing your 5’ 6” and threatened by your height challenged insecurity.

    Your response to Simply Outpriced was rude.

    A fan of “Simply Outpriced”.

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