Friday, March 31, 2023


NY Times: Mitchells Shrinking its Mens Clothing Space, Part of National Trend

Sundays New York Times takes a look at what it says is smaller space being devoted to menҒs clothing at retailers around the country and zeroes in on Mitchells of Westport.

Mitchells is known around the country as one of the last great men’s retailers ӗ an icon of the traditional carriage trade, a bastion of ribbon belts and club ties, dark green linen jackets and light yellow socks, interspersed with Armani, the newspaper said.

ԓNow this venerable men’s store in Westport, Conn., is shrinking its men’s clothing space and expanding its women’s department. Herms purses at $4,750 are shoving aside Tommy Bahama sport shirts.

Mitchells is hardly the only merchant making a change: last month, Target said it would reduce the floor space for its men’s collections 蓗 to make room for more food.

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