Monday, June 17, 2024


Letter: Re Staples Graduation ‘Westport is Better Than This’

To the Editor:

I know that these are unprecedented times and that the health and safety of our community is of the utmost importance. However, the current plan for the graduating seniors is simply not good enough. We have all been anxiously awaiting the big plans that have been repeatedly hinted at in emails, to end up with a virtual graduation.

The past eight weeks have been especially hard on the seniors. They left Staples at the last minute for a “two-week hiatus” that turned out to be permanent — not realizing that they would never walk those halls again, never get to say goodbye to classmates and teachers.

My daughter wept as she turned into the Staples parking lot to pick up her lawn sign, seeing the school one last time. They have missed out on so much, on so many memories, on once in a lifetime moments that they will never get back. On top of that, they may not even be able to physically attend the colleges that they all worked so hard on getting into.

Given that our neighboring towns have been able to figure out a way to do something creative and special for their seniors, not simply a “Zoom” graduation, it is clearly not a state regulations issue or even a county issue for that matter.

The class can be divided up into sections to make the numbers more manageable. Compo can be closed for a day to accommodate timed shifts, or maybe our football field can be sprayed with socially distanced circles for parents to stand in. Even if it takes an entire day, that should not be too much to ask of all of you given all that has been asked of them.

Our seniors need to be able to don their caps and gowns, leave their respective houses, and get their diplomas in the light of day where some people can watch and cheer.

Let’s be honest, most people move to Westport for the school system, show them why they did.

There has to be a way.

Westport is better than this.

Merri Hertz- Delgado

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