Friday, March 01, 2024


Lamont Delays Phase 3 Reopening

Gov, Ned Lamont said today Connecticut will delay the third phase of its reopening process. Restrictions will remain on gatherings, indoor dining, gyms and entertainment venues for the near future.

“We had said maybe we consider larger gatherings for outside … let’s take a pause on that,” Lamont said. “Let’s keep to 25 people inside … and 100 people outside where it’s much easier to social distance. if we’ve learned one thing it’s how much safer outdoors is than indoors.”

Lamont did not immediately offer a new date for Phase 3, which had originally been scheduled for July 20.

For now, private gatherings will remain capped at 25 people inside and 100 people outside, bars will remain closed, indoor dining at restaurants will remain at 50% capacity and gyms and entertainment venues will remain limited to 25% capacity.

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