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Comings and Goings: Katzenberg Kafe Closes

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Westport’s Main Street has lost another tenant—Katzenberg Kafe. The coffee house/deli at 22 Main St. closed without announcement around New Year’s Day after a five-year run. (See WestportNow Oct. 3, 2003) But the windows were covered and its status was not clear until a for rent sign went up. The vacancy in the former location of Moonstruck and The Coffee Tree is one of a number that have occurred in recent months on Westport’s premier shopping street. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for WestportNow.com

7 thoughts on “Comings and Goings: Katzenberg Kafe Closes

  1. There goes more uniqueness. A shame only chain stores can survive, and in this economy who knows if they can.

    As James Taylor sang in the movie Cars, “Main street isn’t main street anymore…” It’s a mall.

  2. How many times did you go in to this establishment. I went twice. They had mediocre offerings and a miserable staff. There a plenty of local establishments that manage to stay around and make money by being good at what they do. I will take a good chain store over a poor “unique” one.

  3. Good thing that Y project is going to have all that extra retail space cuz empty store fronts do wonders for property value.  You know what that Y building would be perfect for?  Perhaps some sort of centrally located gathering place.  A community type center where people could maybe participate in physical recreation of some sort.  Maybe a building with a pool, basketball courts, a gym, racquet courts and locker rooms.  Man could you imagine something that cool downtown.

  4. Michele:

    I went a few times and found it nice and enjoyed the food. I know others who loved it and went back many times. No one ever dissed it to me.


    Very funny. I agree 100%.


    That’s a lot for snapple. Guess it didn’t help their finances. Coffee at Starbuck ain’t cheap either. Nothing is around here. Maybe because the rents are huge and we all end up paying for that.

    In the end vacant stores for a prolonged time will drop rents and thus the prices passed on to us, except for chains who have a uniformed cost structure throughout their stores.

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