Thursday, May 30, 2024


I’m Jeb and I Have a Home Now

Jeb the Jindo Dog needs a new home
Hi, I’m Jeb! Westport Animal Control

Jeb is a delightful little Jindo that can be found at Westport Animal Control. He is approximately one year old. He was found running with some new-found dog buddies in Winslow Park. As a typical intelligent Jindo, he probably decided that he would leap into a departing car in hopes of finding a new forever home. Besides their great beauty (or handsomeness in this case), the Jindos are valued for their intelligence, courage, loyalty and are treasured as fine companions.  We urge you to do some research about this interesting breed and if it sounds like a match to your lifestyle and home situation, please call soon (203-341-5076) to arrange to meet Jeb. He is a friendly and active fellow that does get along well with other dogs.  His intelligent and playful eyes will just wow you.

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