Tuesday, March 05, 2024


Hydrogen-Powered Victory

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Coach Phil Ross’s Westport Allstars drove to the second game of their double header today with Fairfield-American in a hydrogen-powered BMW 7 Series-Hydrogen, on loan to player Ryan Baer’s family from BMW of North America.  The vehicle, a hybrid/flex-fuel/bi-fuel car that can run on both hydrogen and gasoline, is one several being used by BMW to raise national awareness of zero-emissons hydrogen-powered vehicles and of the company’s prowess in clean technology. The Allstars went on to win their game 11-2. Pictured (l-r) are: Julian Ross, Noah Yokoi, Ben Thaw, Spencer Gabor, Dylan Dreyfuss, Cameron Chottiner, Ryan Baer, Evan Gilland, Sam Ahlgrim, and Daniel Cozzi. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) David Dreyfuss for WestportNow.com

One thought on “Hydrogen-Powered Victory

  1. If Phil coaches anything like his dad and brothers did back in the day (with the once great Pontiacs!), the Westport All Stars are in good hands.

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