Monday, May 20, 2024


2 thoughts on “Going Down: 57 Owenoke Park

  1. My father, Alexander Hehmeyer,  bought this house in the 1960s.  The whole extended family enjoyed spending time there, but it was never used as a full-time residence until my stepmother moved there after my father died, about 10 years ago. My brother moved to San Francisco many years ago, and I moved to Chicago, so we are not able to use the house.  While it is sad to see it torn down, the house was in real disrepair, and annual real estate taxes of over $50,000 made it unrealistic to maintain a small two bedroom Cape Cod house on the site.  I am sure the new owners, who have owned property in Westport for years, will build a suitable and site-friendly house, and be true assets to the community. 
              Tina Hehmeyer Rosso

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