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Gerry Kuroghlian Named Westport’s Teacher of the Year

Dr. Gerry Kuroghlian thanks his colleagues after he was named Westport’s Teacher of the Year tonight in a ceremony at Staples High School, where he teaches English. The 38-year veteran of the school system said he was humbled by the selection, adding, “I’ve received a lot of awards over the years, but when you get it from your peers, it takes on a whole different meaning.” His said his “C” hat stands for “classroom, connection, curriculum, and concern.” A colleague added, “And tonight, celebration.” photo

2 thoughts on “Gerry Kuroghlian Named Westport’s Teacher of the Year

  1. Dr. K not only is a great teacher, but a supportive, kind person. When I was at UVA and far from my family, he was visiting his alma mater and I happened to fall extremely ill. He and his wife rushed me off to the hospital and proceeded to take care of me the *entire* night in the emergency room. I knew no doctor, resident or nurse would dare push me to the side with the K’s as my advocate. Wahoowah to a great honor to a deserving candidate!

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