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First Night Westport/Weston 2005 Film Festival Schedule

The First Night Film Festival is a new addition to tonight’s First Night Westport//Weston 2005.

The First Night Film Committee—Will Berk, Alix Bregman, Dan Lance and Brian Mayer—caution that some of the films, to be screened at Westport’s Town Hall, may contain content considered inappropriate for young children.

Screenings begin at 7:30 p.m. and run until 11 p.m.

Title: Melchinger: Impossible
Filmmaker(s): Brian Mayer*
Description: A teacher, Mr. Melchinger, falls victim to the clever antics of his students as they try to steal the next day’s test from…but will they succeed?

Title: Danes World
Filmmaker(s): Michael Bloom, Dane Foster, Andrew Knopp
Description: This film is a parody of the comedy WayneҒs World.

Title: Insomniac
Filmmaker(s): David Stromberg
Description: The 24 hour cycle of life compels one insomniac to make a drastic decision. Shot on 16 mm film, Insomniac is set to a classical score.

Title: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Filmmaker(s): Alli Rice
Description: This film is in fact a music video set to the song Boulevard of Broken DreamsӔ by the popular rock band Greenday.

Title: School Daze
Filmmaker(s): James Wormser
Description: This claymation (clay and animation) film was the winner of the Westport Film Festival, and as such will be shown at the Museum of Film and Television in England. School Daze also won the Video Production Award at Staples High School.

Title: Ballads
Filmmaker(s): Ethan Ames
Description: A group of young untamed bank robbers break up, and the story unfolds as one of deceit and revenge.

Title: Pandora’s Box
Filmmaker(s): Alec Goebel
Description: A lone student struggles with the meaning of existence as he tries to unleash a powerful demon within.

Title: Spaz Videos
Filmmaker(s): Wil Berk*
Description: Spaz Videos are a fun trip down to the happy go lucky land of Germany. Consider this film a cultural and lingual guide.

Title: Toast
Filmmaker(s): Dan Lance*
Description: Dan Lances new film, Toast, is the hilarious story of a young man and his dysfunctional family. This truly heart-warming tale can only be described as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Title: Memoirs of a Sprouting Adolescent or Howie
Filmmaker(s): Sam Moritz, and his cast Jhunket Productions
Description: Sam is a teenage boy, and in the middle of trying to ask out his crush, he falls into a ditch, and loses himself in thoughts. His conscience, named Howie, is reaping havoc on his life. The two must switch back again, and Sam desperately tries to make this happen.

Title: For the Better
Filmmaker(s): Sam Moritz, and his cast Jhunket Productions
Description: An action-packed film, For the Better tells the story of heist, and the friendships of Sal, Jack, Roberto and Joe and ғold-time friend. Will their adventure come out for the better? Come and see

* Filmmaker is on the First Night Film Committee

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