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Developer Offers $10,000 to Move Bradley House

The battle between developers and preservationists over the Abel Bradley House on the Westport-Fairfield town line shifted to today’s Westport Town Hall brown bag lunch. Developer Mike Horvath said he would pay $10,000 to move the house off the property. Preservationists said such a move would be difficult. Dave Matlow for

4 thoughts on “Developer Offers $10,000 to Move Bradley House

  1. I say take the offer! Move the house. Everyone wins. Able Bradley Coalition, Don’t fight this one. Moving houses has been done for years. If I remember correctly I think there was a Church moved int his town years ago. IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! I say take the money you have raised and by another piece of property or even rent it from the town. The have been known to lease buildings for $1.00 a year why not a bit of land for sucha small house right?? as a taxpayer I certaintly wouldn’t mind a bit of the baron’s property to be utilized for the Bradley house!

  2. Mr. Horvath’s kind offer coulf be the beginning of a terrific win-win solution for all concerned parties. It is a simple matter to move a building, especially a small house like this. BTW, it was the Saugatuck Congregational Church that was moved years ago (in the 1950s?).

  3. His offer seems fair. If the interests of the coalition are to save the house, he is trying to provide a means to do this. If they walk away from the offer, it would suggest that the coalition’s intention is really to prevent a new home from being built, not saving the old one.

  4. I concur with JP�s thoughts. Also, has a third party preservationist taken a look at the house? I would be interested to hear their thoughts on how difficult the move would actually be.

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