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Democratic Convention Notes: Caught in the Crush

By Jessica Bram

Special to WestportNow

Denver—I’m not easily ruffled, but even I was shook up by trying to navigate the jam-packed Democratic Convention floor tonight.

As the crush of bodies inched along, shoulder to shoulder, I caught full breaths full of chewing gum and plenty of sweat. Floor marshals yelled at people to keep moving – as though we had a choice in the mêlée.

It was more than a little unsettling. Not since being caught in a body-crushing crowd trying to get into a Crosby Stills concert at college in 1972 have I ever been so glad to see an exit.

But in my 40 minutes on the floor, I had quite a bounty of celebrity sightings. To wit: Katie Couric, about three inches away, in about 16 layers of pancake makeup. On the NBC platform, David Gregory with his long legs wrapped around a stool.

Through the glass ABC News box, George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer (it looked like her, although she may have been a Diane Sawyer ringer.) I heard some excited murmurs about one of the stars from “Desperate Housewives.”

Someone else thought she saw Susan Sarandon. Ah, Hollywood comes to Denver.

But the most interesting—and bizarre, to be sure—celebrity sighting was just outside the Pepsi Center, as I waited to get through the security line. Whizzing by in a golf cart, surrounded by his heavy-bodied security detail, was Rudy Giuliani. Yes, really. A few of us did a double take. Rudy Giuliani?

Maybe he was invited here by Fox News. Or maybe it’s just true what they say about New Yorkers—that once they go west of the Hudson River, the rest of the country is just one big undifferentiated prairie land. Perhaps Giuliani thought he was in Minneapolis.

Westporter Jessica Bram is a writer, radio commentator and founder of the Westport Writers’ Workshop.

One thought on “Democratic Convention Notes: Caught in the Crush

  1. Great to get a down-home commentary on the Democratic Convention, although did I really need to know that my favorite Katie Couric wears 16 layers of makeup on camera?  LOL.  I look forward to more real humorous columns with sharp observations from Denver.  Thanks, Jessica!

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