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Curran Auto Dealership Planning Layoffs But Will Stay Open

UPDATE The president of the Curran Cadillac Pontiac GMC auto dealership on Post Road East said today the business will stay open but lay off some employees as it struggles to survive in difficult economic Image
Jim Curran: There will be layoffs but his Westport auto dealership is not closing. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

Jim Curran, in an e-mail message to WestportNow, did not explain why his sales manager said on Saturday that the dealership, which has been in operation at 561 Post Road East since 1964, would be closing its doors on Friday. (See WestportNow Jan. 25, 2009) Later in a telephone interview, he said: “I didn’t understand why he said that.”

“Curran Cadillac is not closing,” he said. “We are laying off additional employees by the end of this month,  but we will be open for service and sales.” There are 15 employees at the dealership.

“If we can’t make it as a GM store, we have been approached by several other automakers about the use of our site,” Curran said. “But our first choice is to keep it as it is—selling and servicing GM vehicles.”
—Dave Matlow contributed reporting for this story.

8 thoughts on “Curran Auto Dealership Planning Layoffs But Will Stay Open

  1. Good to hear they’ll remain open, though contradicting stories for sure.
    Called last week for service and was told unable to schedule for this week given planned closure…. I guess it was an internal misunderstanding.
    I’ll call again to try and schedule the service.

  2. Rich, this dealer will probably close in due time. The highest and best use for the land is to build a drive in theater.  Can you imagine sitting in your car on a warm summer night with your arm around your honey and a cold beer in the other. Watching the deliberations of the RTM trying to figure out the correct way to run the Town. This is what dreams are made of.

    Tom Bloch

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