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  1. It is important to remember that cell phone use in cars is just one form of driver distraction. We must remember that cell phone use is only one form of driver distraction and that there are many distractions that pose a threat to the motoring public. Anything from looking too long at a billboard to changing the radio station can cause drivers to react more slowly to changing traffic conditions and the driving behaviour of other motorists. Banning cell phone use in moving vehicles may be one option. However, past experience has shown that legislation alone is not enough to combat the problem. Public awareness campaigns are crucial to improving road safety. How many drivers in New York pay attention to cell phone ban. One study suggested that rates fell within the first three months but went back up to preban levels…Fact of the matter is you cant legislate common sense. they are a lot of idots out there!

  2. Ann Marie, I guess you missed this part of Jessica’s column:

    “And I know that no new Underage Drinking ordinance mical modifications in the rat brain. Neurobiol Dis. 2004 Dec 17(3):445-54.

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