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Cinema Initiative Seeks Additional Funding

To the Editor:

Dear fellow Westporters:

If you want an independent movie theater in Westport, now is the moment to make your investment in our town.

The Westport Cinema Initiative, a volunteer-driven organization, is in a crucial place in its four-year history. I am writing as a member of the board of directors.

Four years ago we began a plan to build a publicly-supported cinema in Westport. This was made possible by the support of 39 angels contributing $1,000 each towards the idea and by about 200 charter members who have contributed $100 each. Today we are a recognized not-for-profit 501(C)3 organization and an integral part of Westport’s robust arts heritage and, importantly, the town’s Downtown Master Plan.

We have regularly screened movies in locations throughout downtown to raise awareness of our purpose. We have secured a fantastic spot in downtown for the theater – the last and best location imaginable. Our architect has drafted plans for the building. The town government has expressed its support. It is now time to build the theater.

To do this, we need the community’s support. Everyone who knows about us agrees the idea of a theater in Westport is wonderful. We need more Westporters – you – to make your enthusiasm real. We need $60,000 to take the next step to provide assurance that we can raise the remaining $4 million necessary to build the theater. Your tax-deductible contribution will help make this happen.

It is essential that we raise this $60,000 in very short order, else the entire project will come to a stop and the theater will almost certainly not come about. Our president, Jonathan Steinberg, or our executive director, Sandy Lefkowitz, or anyone on the board of directors is eager to chat with you about your support.

If you already know in your heart that adding this permanent arts resource in downtown Westport is valuable to you and your family, simply write a check to Westport Cinema Initiative and mail it to Sandy at 25 Island Way, Westport 06880.

Thank you very much,
Alex W White

One thought on “Cinema Initiative Seeks Additional Funding

  1. While I really would LOVE to see a movie theatre in Westport again, after having 5 a few years back, I’m not sure how they plan on building a theatre in the back parking lot of store and offices. Now please don’t yell at me, but I think someone needs to point out to the initiative that the businesses at 142 to 148 Main have deeded parking spaces in their rental agreements, and the restaurant has deeded space for their dumpsters. I know Tavern has 8 spots deeded, Coldwell Banker has 5, Addison Wells has 2, Brandy Melville has 3, and the offices above Tavern have 2. So after the space for 20 cars, AND the two dumpsters, where is this building going to be built?
    Unless WCI and/or the landlord plans on finding and paying for 20 car parking spots and a close enough dumpster location for the restaurant, I just don’t see how ANYTHING back there is feasible.
    I’d love if someone had ideas or something concrete in regards to the parking and this theatre building.
    I’m a member of SAG-AFTRA, so I do work in movies, so I’m still hoping for a return of a FineArts!!!
    PJ Letersky
    Westport citizen since 1983

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