Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Business Down in Westport as Residents Glued to TVs

It is purely anecdotal and not scientific, but random checks of area retailers and restaurants show business in Westport noticeably reduced in recent days, apparently because people are staying close to home watching developments in Iraq.

More parking spaces at Barnes and Noble, increased shoppers at supermarkets, and reduced numbers of diners at area restaurants are consistent with reports nationally about more people staying home watching television war coverage.

At Matsu Sushi on Jesup Road last evening, the restaurant was half empty during what normally is a busy dinner hour.

I was wondering where everybody is,Ӕ said restaurant owner Marty Cheng.

There was a big crowd on Main Street last night for the champagne opening of Talbots Mens in space previously occupied by The Limited. But otherwise the town center seemed even quieter than usual.

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