Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Bakery Breaks Down Equipment after Bolt Found in School Muffin

The vendor that made the Westport middle school chocolate chip muffin in which a one-inch steel bolt was discovered is breaking down its mixing equipment to determine which machine it came from, Schools Superintendent Colleen Palmer said.

“They will report their findings to us,” Palmer said about the vendor, which she did not identify, in an email sent to parents Monday.

Meanwhile, she said, “Until this issue is fully resolved, all muffins will be sourced from another bakery.”

The bolt was discovered by a Coleytown Middle School (CMS) seventh grader who had purchased the muffin the CMS cafeteria, Palmer said.

“Inside was a one-inch steel bolt,” she said. “The student did not bite into the muffin and did not ingest any of the muffin.”

The muffins are sold in the cafeterias at CMS, Bedford Middle School and Staples High School.

“They are not served at our elementary schools,” she said, adding there were no other reported incidences with any other muffins or food products.

Upon noticing the bolt, the student reported it to a staff member, who contacted the principal and kitchen manager, as well as the school’s director of dining services.

All remaining muffins at the three schools were collected and labeled “hold for inspection.”

“We have no information that any other individual encountered a foreign object in their muffin, but in an overabundance of caution we wanted to share this update with you,” Palmer said.

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