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Allen’s Last Stand

To the Editor:

When I was the executive director of the Westport Historical Society, I received countless calls from distraught residents—current and former.

They called to tell me that either a house was in the process of being torn down or that it was already gone. What could they do? Of course, it was always too late.

I have great respect for the presentation Town Historian Allen Raymond made at the RTM meeting last night (March 9, 2004) about saving Allen’s Clam House.

Someone said that we are losing Westport’s history one building at a time. It is tragically true.

I hope Allen’s comments, his passion and determination can at least help raise the level of consciousness about the importance of historic preservation.

But to drag this out any longer, ignoring the hard, conscientious work that Amy Van Arsdale and other neighbors did over a five-year period, would be an outrage.

If anyone is concerned about a building in Westport, I urge you to contact the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation.

They have circuit riders with extensive experience and expertise that can help explore options you may not have thought of (

Their mission is “to preserve the character and ensure the vitality of Connecticut’s historically significant places.” Do it before it’s too late.
Susan Farewell

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