Wednesday, April 17, 2024


A Thank You to Friends

To the Editor:

Thanks to all my friends for bearing with me on the latest batch of news about the domestic abuse incident that made national news.

I would like to state the following truths to correct the misinformation that was put in the paper and on WestportNow regarding the published domestic abuse case: I had been living in the home with my children for three months and had legal rights to be in the house and to see my children.

I was assaulted with my own iPhone while I was lying on my bed reading a book. I fought to get my iPhone back because I had an audiophile from earlier that evening of David treating me horribly in front of my children. I called 911.

He lied to the police, telling them that I was not supposed to be in the house and that he was acting in self-defense—not that he assaulted me first. Because we both hurt each other, we both had charges against us by the state, which have now been dropped.

For the record, this was a one-time event. Tensions are high in a divorce. David snapped and I reacted. Both of us were held accountable for our actions. But I remain the victim of published lies that have marred my reputation; and there is a tremendous unfairness to this.

If people get away with wrongdoings then they are only empowered to behave similarly in time.

I am not happy about the way the media has spun this story. Why police are not held accountable to protecting people’s privacy is beyond me. Someone who has been assaulted should not have to dial 911,  because she is scared, at the risk of social exposure and humiliation to herself and her children. 

And as a victim of abuse—to be further abused by the press, who so eagerly print untruths as truths without any standard of accountability—and to be bullied by my husband’s divorce lawyer, who threatened to sue me against my alimony for any loss in David’s income if I released the iPhone audiotape, is a perfect example of how victims’ rights are not fully protected and how bullies continue to be bullies. 

I feel compelled to tell my truth because everyone knows that I always stand up for the truth and what is right. Yes. There are always two sides to a story but there is only one truth.

Thank you for all of your support over the past few weeks. You have really helped me to get through this very difficult time in my life. Let’s learn from this and move on. But let’s all stand up for what is right and true in this world—even if it’s difficult to do so.

Jennifer Pogue

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