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Westport student Brian Mayer, 17, (c), is congratulated by his grandfather, Seymour (l), and father, Jeffrey (r), following the premiere of Brian’s documentary film “Full Circle” today at the Westport Historical Society. The film traces the story of Seymour Mayer from his boyhood in Transylvania, Romania, to his liberation from a slave labor camp in Austria. Brian Mayer filmed his grandfather as the family traveled together in 2003 to the Holocaust survivor’s hometown for the first time in 57 years. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Emily Laux for

3 thoughts on “A Family Remembers

  1. Having seen “Full Circle,” I want to thank Brian and his grandfather for sharing this most moving story of their family. It will help ensure that we “never forget.” Congratulations to Brian for this very professional documentary—He is an incredibly talented young man.

  2. One of the most affecting and impressive products of a young and creative mind I have seen in a long time. Brian brought professional production values to a film created out of love and commitment to the memories of a family and in particular to the grandfather he followed back in time through a tortured but ultimately uplifting past.
    Two thumbs way up!!
    Bravo, Brian.

  3. “Full Circle” was an incredibly moving and historically significant documentary. Being close to the Mayer family, it enabled me to better personalize the tragedy and truly comprehend the devastating impact the holocust had on humanity and Seymour and his family in particular. May we never forget that such a colossal and heartless attack against human kind occured, and is sadly occurring to a lesser extent elsewhere in the world today, and be grateful on the other hand that such a gifted young man can share with us his remarkable talents in this extremely professional and moving production.

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