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Westport’s Martha Stewart Ordered to West Virginia Prison

Westport’s Martha Stewart has been ordered to report to a prison in West Virginia to serve her five-month term, a source close to Stewart said today.

Stewart had hoped to serve her time in Danbury so she could be close to her 90-year-old mother, or in a prison facility in Coleman, Fla., where there are good transporation links.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons told Stewart last week to report to jail by Oct. 8. The source said Stewart had been told to report to the federal prison camp for women in Alderson, W. Va.

Stewart’s lawyer, in a Sept. 15 letter to a federal judge requesting she be allowed to serve her sentence for obstruction of justice as soon as possible, specifically asked that she not been assigned to Alderson because it is not readily accessible by air or rail.

Stewart could report to the prison any time between now and 2 p.m. Oct. 8, but she has plans to attend a friend’s wedding this weekend and intends to keep the date, according to the source.

In a statement released to the press, Stewart said, “While I had hoped to be designated to a facility closer to my family and more accessible to my appellate attorneys, I am pleased that the Bureau of Prisons has designated me so quickly to FPC Alderson, the first federal prison camp for women in the United States. I look forward to getting this behind me and to vigorously pursuing my appeal.”

Alderson is a minimum-security women’s prison that houses about 1,000 inmates. Opened in 1927, it was the first federal prison for women.

Set on a hill in rural West Virginia, Alderson is known for its open environment. There are no metal fences surrounding the camp.

Its best-known inmates include Lynette ‘‘Squeaky’’ Fromme, a member of the Manson family who tried to shoot President Ford, and Sara Jane Moore, who also tried to kill Ford.

A source familiar with the government’s decision, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that Alderson was selected because it was more remote and less accessible to the media than Danbury or Stewart’s second choice of Coleman, Fla.

Those prisons also had more serious overcrowding issues, the source said. The Coleman prison, for example, is crowded with inmates moved from other Florida prisons because of the recent hurricanes.

24 thoughts on “Westport’s Martha Stewart Ordered to West Virginia Prison

  1. I would suggest that not one person in a hundred thousand has any idea of why Martha Stewart is facing prison. The only thing they know is that a lot of people hate her and that because she is rich and successful she must have done something bad. Martha’s imprisonment is sad commentary on contemporary mores. A minor infraction that could have easily been taken care of without any fanfare was blown up into a crime of the century simply because some ambitious people wanted to promote their own careers on Martha’s back. And in the atmosphere of corrupt CEO’s making headlines, they chose Martha – the only innocent one – as their poster girl for the other “Al Capones” of the corporate world. It disgusts me to my core.


  2. Martha Stewart is her own worst enemy, her hubris and arrogance know no bounds. She is a convicted felon, a proved liar and a cheat, and still refuses to truly acknowledge that she has committed a crime. She is getting the absolute minimum and should be ecstatic that her money and influence have allowed her get away without the crime of insider trading truly sticking. She is also lucky she is not going to a real prison as opposed to a “Club Fed.” People like her should face greater penalties rather than escaping true justice.

  3. Martha Stewart believed her position of prominence was so lofty she was untouchable. After being interviewed by the feds, she still obstructed and lied to maintain her supposed innocence.

    When given multiple opportunities to restate her position, she continued to lie about the “stop loss” order. After the feds flipped the broker’s assistant, Stewart was again given the opportunity to change her story. She refused, and the rest is history.

    Any second rate Barrister in small town America would have advised Stewart to tell the truth and get it over. Truthfulness and a donation to charity would have ended the matter. My suspicion is her legal team advised her properly, but her arrogance prevented her from making the correct choice. She will dance with Belinda, Natasha, and Shanika due to her unbridled arrogance, and she deserves what she sowed. Martha�s souffl� has fallen.

    Perjury is not a minor infraction, and the number of people jailed for lying under oath in America is substantial.

  4. Envy is a terrible thing, and when certain persons feel the need to continue to condemn Ms. Stewart with indignance and self-righteousness, it is a sad statement of those envious of what she has attained through intelligence, hard work, and yes, having made mistakes and enemies along the way. Gentlemen: work harder, and perhaps you will achieve some modicum of her financial success, and maybe then you will not be so bitter and angry.

  5. Sending Martha Stewart to prison is wrong and pointless. Even if she did what she was accused of doing, prison is not the answer. I am still unconvinced that she got a fair trial (liars on the stand, vindictive jurors, media obsessed with taking her down) and seriously doubt that Martha had any clue things would reach this absurd scale. It’s a sad commentary on the imbalance of justice. Some say Martha got off easy because she is who she is. I say she suffered a great deal more because of it. I wish her well and have no doubt she’ll be back full force next September. And I’ll be cheering her on.

  6. There is no reason a 60 something woman needs to go to prison for lying. This whole ordeal is ridiculous. Martha Stewart puts out more for free that she charges for. Would it not have been more effective for her to do community service in some poverty laden areas? I don’t find her to be arrogant, just confident. Those who are negative about her, have never really paid any attention to what she really does.
    I say “Free Martha”. I will remain a faithful fan and supporter.

  7. I find Mr Gordon and Mr Prather`s remarks very amusing as I do any man`s when it comes to Martha Stewart. Your envy is evident in that she is a self made successful businees woman to be admired. Had she been a man this whole debacle,of course, would never have happened. I suggest these 2 gentlemen take some courses in anger management. Ill feelings get you no where!

  8. After viewing the projection above with such inanities as “envy, self-righteousness, and hate”, one can but conclude that no matter the offense, Martha Stewart has done no wrong. Laughable!

    To suggest that Obstruction of Justice and Perjury are meaningless statutes that have no purpose exposes the writers for their true motivations.

    Gender driven protecting and projecting sounds like a big city police department who wish to protect their own no matter the cost.

    The next time you perform jury duty, remember your willingness to disregard the law because of the defendants station, and disqualify yourself for service.

    Martha�s gonna look bitchin� in stripes!

  9. Poor, sad, angry, jealous male that you are Charles and Thomas especially Charles. Will your tiny, insecure male ego be soothed now that the self-made successful Martha will do time for a crime she was not charged with?

    Not only are you an petty little male who is threatened by a strong female, I doubt that if you WERE capable of creating an international, successful company the way that Martha has, you would sacrifice yourself for it.

    Enjoy your sick little glee for now. Martha will rise again. You could never get there in the first place!

  10. We will see whose laughing in the end. Martha is a better person than most of us and will come through all this mess on top—where she deserves to be. MSO and Martha are coming back stronger than ever.

  11. I totally agree with Alexandra Mark in the above comment. She nailed it folks. “I would suggest that not one person in a hundred thousand has any idea of why Martha Stewart is facing prison. The only thing they know is that a lot of people hate her and that because she is rich and successful she must have done something bad. Martha’s imprisonment is sad commentary on contemporary mores. A minor infraction that could have easily been taken care of without any fanfare was blown up into a crime of the century simply because some ambitious people wanted to promote their own careers on Martha’s back. And in the atmosphere of corrupt CEO’s making headlines, they chose Martha – the only innocent one – as their poster girl for the other “Al Capones” of the corporate world. It disgusts me to my core.” Those people that remain ignorant of the truth have been known to crucify others. It still happens after 2000 years. Most forget that Satan is the true enemy and he’ll get his doom soon in the future. It is all written in Rev. 20:10. Martha will serve the time and come back greater than before. It will be nice to see certain projects develop from all those ideas she shared with Edd Townsend. Also, I can’t wait to watch the reaction of certain jealous government boys when Martha’s new Survivor TV show is aired. Go Martha! We love you! – P. Newman

  12. My family loves Martha. She has instilled confidence and interest in a craft that was becoming extinct—homemaking. You men have no idea how Martha has influenced your life! My brother-in-law lives for Easter, when I pepare her carrot-zuccini cake. That organized closet, that ironed shirt; might have been inspired by her instructional segments on her program and in her magazine. She will become a classic, like Julia Child, and her programs will become reruns on educational TV for decades. Martha was dishonest to the government, so are you if you lie on your taxes. I can see her making something positive of every circumstance she encounters, even prison. We won’t forget about you, Martha. Just get some rest. You’ll find a quiet holiday or two really relaxing! See you in the spring!

  13. Hear,Hear Mr Newman….As I`ve said before”Martha,we will welcome you back with open arms”. We all know that our government needed someone to make an example of and they chose her. Little did they know that she`s much stronger and smarter than they and she will come out of this a much more respected person. I too anxiously await her return with her new show and ideas. The public misses her so.
    As for Mr Prather..You did`nt disappointment me as I was waiting for your infantile response. It`s strange because your print color comes across as “pea green with envy” on my screen. And the next time I`m on jury duty,sir,I hope the trial is yours!

  14. Well put, Dr. Miller.

    If Martha Stewart lied, and that is a big “if”, I hardly see how it rises to the level of conspiracy. The lady( along with her broker)was truly singled out of prosecution.

    She was not charged with insider trading- just that she lied while defending herself. It is obvious that the jury was out to convict a celebrity- a wealthy woman who didn’t always smile sweetly the way the general public felt she should fit the bill for a “whipping boy”.

    Shameful! And in America, too.

  15. Martha and Hillary. Two DIVA’s of the ‘90’s. Strong, confident, brilliant, driven and blazingly successful women. Okay, they have people skills issues – but what super over-achiever doesn’t? I wonder to what extent the Hillary Haters displace their negative emotions onto Martha? Regardless, haters are destructive and need to get help.

  16. I have always been a fan of Marthas and I will always be a proud fan of hers. I will continue to watch her show, buy her products and renew my subscription to her magazine. I am greatly waiting for her to come back and she is missed greatly. I think that it is terrible that the government went against her since there are very more important issues that desperately need attention in this country like the war on terror and also poverty. I think it is ridiculous that she has to go to jail and I believe that the work won’t be too hard for her to do, I hope. I know she will get through it, but the holidays this year will be sad knowing that she is in jail. I have always enjoyed watching her special Halloween shows, they were always so creative and fun! I have a quote that I found on a website and I e-mailed it to her on her personal website. I believe that the quote reminds me of her and her continued strength. It is “There is every women’s heart a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hours of adversity.” by Washington Irving. I hope you agree with the quote and also like it too. I wish her all the best in the future.

  17. Martha Stewart is a prominent Democratic supporter.
    Why isnt Ken Lay and George W Bush being jailed for their inside trading?Their trading is easily proven,and their lying about their involvement is worse than Marthas.
    Ashcroft lets Republicans off the hook who have stolen peoples retirement money.

  18. Iowa farmgirl voting yes,yes for Martha. She has guided many 4Her’s in their projects, brought the “home” back when it wasn’t fashionable. Martha will come back and we will be here for her.Helen Grunewald

  19. I agree totally with Mojo. Martha was used as a scapegoat. When Bush, Cheney, and their ilk are locked up, JUSTICE will finally be done. Our country can dig out of its devastating financial hole, citizens can hold onto their jobs, women and minorities can retain their civil rights, seniors can get needed drugs at reasonable prices, gated communities will be less necessary with a REVERSE in the burgeoning gap between rich and poor, healthcare can become more universally available, the environment can heal, our people can come together again as a united community, and America will be able to re-enter the world community as a trusted partner. After all the hatred, greed and divisiveness of the last four years,a return to the 90’s would be OKAY!


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