Tuesday, March 05, 2024


WestportNow Sets Record for Memorial Day Coverage

Thanks to WestportNow’s army of contributing photographers, WestportNow posted 140 photographs of Westport’s Memorial Day parade Monday and other holiday events, a record.WNSpecial.gif

“The Memorial Day parade has long been a highlight of annual events in Westport and we were delighted to be able to present a digital history of the day for all to see,” said Gordon Joseloff, WestportNow editor and publisher.

“Twenty photographers submitted almost 250 photographs,” he said. “We launched a special photo gallery feature to accommodate the photos. This is the most photos we’ve published of any one event since our start more than two years ago.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to use all of them, but we are grateful to Westporters for taking time to share their photos with our readers. Thanks to them, WestportNow continues to set the pace among citizen journalism efforts on the Internet.”

2 thoughts on “WestportNow Sets Record for Memorial Day Coverage

  1. You’re absolutely correct. The photos are truly breathtaking. And the quantity of photos, and the multitude of photographers, is staggering. Most of all, your ability to post the photos speedily online is amazing. However, was the coverage truly “record-setting”? Who held the previous “record” in this category? Should we notify the people at Guinness Book?

  2. I think the records were set in comparison to the “competition.”

    But I would even go beyond calling it record-setting and would refer to WestportNow as revolutionary.  Look at The Westport News and The Minuteman—especially their web sites.  Always a day late and a nickel short.

    I hesitate to call them obsolete as of right now, but unless they step up to the plate, I see that as a very real possibility in the very near future.

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